Monday, March 21, 2016

over 10 tips & tricks for pioneer trek!

Seeing as I'm leaving for my pioneer trek reeanactment on Thursday, and a lot of the people that read this blog are friends of mine in my church, I decided to gather together some tips and tricks to be better prepared for trek! Some of these are from blogs I've read, some are from friends and family that have provided some insight, and the rest are just ideas I've recently thought of!

I hope this helps any of you that are preparing now or in the future to go on trek! And if you've already been, maybe this will provide some nostalgia :)

  1. Try checking out to see handcart pioneers you may be related to! This site is incredible, and I loved scrolling through and finding out my relations to some of these people.
  2. Read some pioneer stories, watch 17 Miracles, or watch Ephraim's Miracle. Those two movies are AMAZING and really recreate history in a realistic and touching way.
  3. Study and maybe even memorize the 2016 Youth theme from 2 Nephi 31:20! I love this theme so much, and after reading it in the New Era, I memorized it. It comes in handy so much!
  4. Break whatever shoes you're wearing in. Three days left till my trek and I haven't walked in my hiking boots yet. I should probably go do that...
  5. Make a mental list of hobbies, talents, or things about you. No doubt, when you meet your family and start playing games together, you'll most likely have to introduce yourself and three things about you. And if you're like me, YOUR MIND GOES BLANK. "What do you do in your free time? Who are you? What makes you, well, you?" I don't know, I wish I could remember!!!
  6. Learn some square dancing moves! I've heard that on some treks, there will be a dance instructor to teach some pioneer dances to the youth. If you have prior knowledge, even better! I read somewhere that after long days on the trails, square dancing helped rejuvenate the pioneers!
  7. Bring a padded lid for your 5-gallon bucket! You sit on that most of the time when you get a break, so better to be comfy.
  8. I found this quote from an article on LDS Living found here that I think sums up one of my points perfectly: “Go into it knowing that it’s going to be hard, but go into it knowing that it’s not about you. It’s about the kids who are on the trek. It's about how big of a difference you can make for them, and how real of an experience they can have—and most importantly, how much their testimony can grow in the time that you’re with them.”
  9. Attitude is a big thing. I know a lot of people who are not looking forward to trek. Leaving social media, video games, etc., well, it isn't their cup of tea. I'm blessed to be looking forward to it so much, though! So give it a chance, because you get out of it what you put in.
  10. BRING CHAPSTICK. And maybe some wrapped candy like Smarties. Because what better conversation starter than handing out candy and receiving a "thanks!" And people will be grateful for the extra quick burst of energy while walking.
  11. Don't be afraid of the mud. Have a good attitude towards the walking! Also, remember that maybe you are being put in the family you're placed in because God knows you can help someone in that family have amazing experiences, thanks to your help :)
  12. Pray and read your scriptures a lot leading up to trek! You want to be able to recognize and be open to the Spirit during this awesome opprotunity, and reading your scriptures and studying them helps me feel closer to the Savior. Also, pray about what you want to get out of trek. Be honest. Express your concerns. Excitement. Anxiety. Hopes. Feelings. Heavenly Father is there for you! You can do this :)
I hope this helped! I'm glad I finally put all of my thoughts and ideas in one spot. If I think of anymore, I will edit this post, so make sure to check back periodically!

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