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Hey there! I’m Eden. I'm also the food-loving, book-reading, can't-stop-smiling girl behind this blog. Here, you may catch glimpses of my life, plus little snippets here and there like what's going on inside this head of mine.

A little bit about me:

I'm an advocate for kindness and self-love. I love expression. I'm a nerd. You might find me one day day-dreaming about getting my acceptance letter to Hogwarts. I love writing, singing, playing the ukulele, reading self-improvement books, shopping online {more like browsing...}, drinking hot chocolate {with mountains of whipped cream}, running, taking pictures, and traveling to new places.

I originally started We Are Worth Saving to just keep a record of my life. Journals and hand cramps never did mix well for me. Now, however, you can find little things here ranging from DIY, fashion, food, photography, and lots of motivation.

Also, fun fact; I used this blog as a 10-hour value project for my Personal Progress, which you can read more about here
Thanks for taking the time to read all the way to the end!

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