Sunday, July 5, 2015

never postpone a prompting

EFY is finally almost here, and I am beyond excited. I keep checking my list over and over, and yet I still find myself afraid that I may have forgotten something. However, I know I am going to have a great time.

Today was Fast Sunday, and I fasted for EFY. Specifically, that I would be prepared and ready to receive the message God wants me to receive, and that my mind and heart would be open to these things. I'm feeling really good about it. The lesson in Young Women's today really touched me, too. It was mostly about Sabbath Day Observance, but they also touched on a few other things. One of my teachers mentioned a lesson she had a few weeks ago on acting on promptings, and how if we have a thought, we should ask ourselves if at this time, we would normally be having this "thought." She then shared a story about reacting to a prompting after having this lesson.

It was 11pm, and she was climbing into bed, exhausted, when she had the thought to reach out to one of her old friends in California and send her a text. Her first thought was, "Oh, I will call her tomorrow." However, she remembered what she had learned, and in that moment she asked herself if this was something she would normally have thought about. The answer obviously being "no", she got out of bed and texted her friend a short, yet sweet, message.

Almost immediately, her friend, (that she hadn't talked to in forever) responded with gratitude. The friend thanked her for reaching out, and explained that she was having a really bad night, but knowing someone was there for her really helped her. I really liked that story, and I want to start asking myself that question. Is this a thought I would normally be having? 

I know that we are God's instruments. If we have a prompting to do something, or say something, it is an answer to someone else's prayer. In the words of President Thomas S. Monson...

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