Friday, July 1, 2016

five principles for the girl you're becoming

Life is filled with trials, challenges, and experiences that help us grow and fulfill the potential our Heavenly Father sees in us. And yet, as I think back to my middle school years and even my first few years of high school, I can't help but wish I knew some things back then with the certainty I have now.

One of the many things I've always adored about the gospel of Jesus Christ is change. Thankfully, through the Atonement, we can repent when we make mistakes. We can follow Christ's example and seek to become more like Him. He is the perfect example. When I fall, I know I can get back up.

Here are a few things I've come to know through my own journey:

1) God is the author of our story. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this. He has a plan for each and every one of us. Dreams we can't even fathom! He knows what will happen throughout our life, and He knows how to prepare us for those things. His timing IS perfect. Put God first, and everything will fall into place. When things don't work out the way we want them to, just know that Heavenly Father has something better in mind and the results are wonderful. When I forget this, reading my patriarchal blessing helps sooo much.

2) Laugh. A lot. Those who know me know I love to laugh and smile. I've even come to appreciate the smile lines on my face because they remind me of where my expression has settled most often in my life. I can't express this enough, but enjoy this life. Find and do the things that make you happy. Be around people that make you happy, and don't settle for anything else.

3) You are beautiful. God made you who you are. The fact that you're alive and breathing is a beautiful, incredible thing. If there is anything I've learned the past few years, it's that Satan is jealous of our bodies and as a result, he wants us to feel bad about them ALL. THE. TIME. Don't let him make you think that. We're made in God's image, and I think it is so amazing when I see someone whose countenance shines with that light.

4) Life is like a roller coaster: you can't avoid the ups and downs. If you haven't heard the story about the bishop who explains that "this too shall pass," I highly encourage you to read it. Bad things will happen to good people, and good things will happen to bad people. But savor those sweet moments that come your way and stay true when those bitter moments come along. Jesus is always there for us and knows how we feel always.

5) Have courage and be kind. Can I just say that I love this so much? One of my favorite mantras from a Disney movie, and I find it so encouraging. Stand up for what you believe in. The world's standards are getting low, and temptation is around every corner it seems like. Pray for help to withstand those temptations. Also, be kind. Every single one of us has the power to change someone's life for the better. To put a smile on their face and bring light into their life. I started praying a while back for help in seeing others the way Heavenly Father sees them, and it has helped me in knowing what to say or do for people to help them know they're loved. It makes me so happy to see someone smile. Send someone a sweet text to let them know you're thinking about them! Wave at someone or open a door. Little things can make a hugeeee difference.

To the younger me, keep pushing forward. Things get better. And to the older me, go back and read these when life gets confusing, hard, or difficult. You can do it.

"Only by aligning our wills with God's is full happiness to be found... As one's will is increasingly submissive to the will of God, he can receive inspiration and revelation so much needed to help meet the trials of life. The submission of one's will is really the only unique thing we have to place on God's altar. The many other things we "give" are actually the things he has already given or loaned to us." -Neal A. Maxwell



  1. Love your blog post!

  2. Beautifully written, Eden! I love how full of hope and positivity this post (and your entire blog) is! And I also love what you said about God having a plan for us. Thank you for reminding me that, as you said, when we put God first everything else falls into place. It's just what I needed tonight.


    1. This made my day! I'm so glad I could help you remember that, especially since I find myself needing reminders often. God's plan for us is incredible :) Thank you!


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