Monday, August 10, 2015

fuel the find!

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Since this past Friday, thousands of volunteers from around the world have contributed to the "Fuel the Find", a week-long, Worldwide Indexing event that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints started. What are we striving for? Reaching a new record of 100,000 volunteers indexing in just ONE week. This is such an amazing opportunity, because the more records that are indexed, the easier it is for more people around the world to do family history for their ancestors!

The challenge doesn't end until this Friday, the 14th. Indexing would be an awesome Family Home Evening idea for tonight, too! And it only takes ONE batch indexed to help fuel the find. 

The Young Men and Young Women in my ward actually took this challenge above and beyond. The YW challenged the YM to see who could index the most overall by the end of the challenge. Also, the young woman who indexes the most in YW gets a prize (can anyone say CHOCOLATE?!) 

I had a late start and only started yesterday after church, but I set a goal for myself to index 2,000 records by the 14th. Right now I'm at 667 records. Not bad! But I'm basically competing with my brother who started earlier and is currently at 850.

This means war. 

The YM knew about the challenge BEFORE the YW, even though (apparently) we challenged them

Anyways, if you haven't taken the time to index a batch of records yet, I highly suggest it! It's sooooo easy (especially obituaries) and it will help towards the goal! I haven't even been doing it that long but I already feel better knowing that I'm helping someone find their ancestors. Indexing is considered doing family history work, too, so yay for blessings!

Now let's go out there and beat that record!!!

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** UPDATE ** I totally won first place out of all the YW!!!

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