Wednesday, December 2, 2015

awkward & awesome thursday!

That's right, I'm joining this crazy link-up. Which just so happens to sound super fun. Mwahahaha.

 It will most likely become a weekly thing every Thursday, because I'm just that awkward.


- Noticing that my substitute's mustache resembles the Lorax's. Voicing said observation to nearby classmate. Substitute hearing said observation and proceeding to glare at me while mustache threatens to escape and fly away.
- Talking to a friend and having one of the rubber bands in my mouth snap mid-sentence and go hurtling out of my mouth. Bet you didn't see that one coming. POW.
- Finding out from five other people that my friend was pregnant and I appeared to be the last one to know. Walking into class and nonchalantly trying to scan for a possible baby bump.
- Confidently walking into the orthodontist office for an appointment. Believing today was the day I would finally be freed from my braces. Having dream crushed into a million pieces. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas! Maybe next time.
- Being overjoyed when my cat jumps on my bed to cuddle, only to realize that she just wants to be fed.

- Remembering there are only EIGHT days till my birthday. Seems like just a few days ago it was twelve days till my birthday. Oh wait. Ha.
- Starting a new scripture study text support group with my friends thanks to this post that inspired me to never miss a day of scripture study.
- Only having mild pain after my trip to the orthodontist *knocks on wood*.
- Actually making it to seminary on time. Yayyyyy.
- The gorgeous, cool weather that is finally coming to Texas. He-llloooo sweaters and boots.
- Reading all the amazing comments and emails from my readers! Thank you so much!

So that's a small glimpse into my life right now. What awkward and awesome things are going on in yours?

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  1. I've never had to wear braces, but my sister did for a while, and she didn't like them very much...Would you check out my blog?

    1. You're lucky you never had to wear braces! They can be pretty painful. Thanks for leaving a comment and I'd love to check out your blog!

  2. May Life continue to be awkwardly awesome!!


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