Tuesday, November 3, 2015

for time and all eternity

You guys are probably awfully tired of all the wedding pictures I've been posting lately, but the wonderfully talented photographer, Kaitlyn, just recently uploaded a BUNCH of pictures from the wedding and reception. She is so amazing, and she managed to capture the feel of everything precisely. Like wow. I look back at these photos and the flashbacks start (T-Swifty reference, anyone? No? Okay...)

Anyways, one day I hope to be half the photographer this woman is. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites! (there are a lot, warning...)

That is Stephen on the right. He literally has the best personality ever.

There were little lights floating in the pool! When they made contact with the water, they'd light up!

Oh, look! It's me. Such an attractive face, am I right?

So, um, yeah. She is a flipping amazing photographer. And this wedding was magical. I miss it.

But forreal, check out more of Kaitlyn's work here! You won't be disappointed.


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