Tuesday, January 19, 2016

book review: "More Than the Tattooed Mormon"

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A few weeks ago, a long-awaited moment for me finally arrived; More Than the Tattooed Mormon came back in stock on Amazon after the holidays. I can't tell you exactly how excited I was for this book. The best I can do is paint a picture of what unfolded.

My family has Amazon Prime, so I knew what day it was supposed to arrive thanks to the glorious, free 2-day shipping once it came back in stock. I checked the doorstep almost every thirty minutes, waiting for a package. However, as it got dark, I began to lose hope. That was until, around 8pm, I heard the mailman. I jumped up, ran downstairs, and opened the door.

It was raining. With lightning.

But oh no, that didn't stop me. I threw all cares to the wind and ran into the rain towards the mailbox. And guess what was inside? Nothing.

After returning to the comfort of my house, I closed the door and turned around. "Looking for this?" my dad inquired. In his hand was the book. I let out a giddy squeal and grabbed it, mumbling a quick, "Thank you!" before sprinting up the stairs. And then I proceeded to do a happy dance around my room. Don't believe me? Ask my friend, who had the wonderful opportunity to witness it while Facetiming me.

Needless to say, I was PRETTY dang excited to read this book. And after reading it, I can say with assurance that I did not put my faith and excitement in the wrong book. I'm an avid reader, and this book is definitely in my Top 3 books. Which is saying a lot, considering how many books I've read.

One of the many things I love about this book is the way it's organized. It's sectioned into two parts; "My Story" and "Your Story." Al begins by sharing her conversion story, and it's an amazing one. Her personality shines through her writing, and I couldn't help but be enthralled in her storytelling. I laughed as she explained how two faithful missionaries won her over with steak. My heart ached as I read about her hardships and trials once she chose to follow God. It began as a biography, but eventually grew into a self-help book.

This book strengthened my testimony immensely. Her testimony inspired me. It was truly refreshing to be reminded of who I should put all of my faith in; God.

I read her entire book in one sitting. I could. not. put. it. down. Through her example, I was able to commit to reading the Book of Mormon more often everyday rather than just before bed. And what a change it has brought to my life!

And yet, like her, I find that as I cling to the gospel more and more, hardships arise that weren't there before. But like her, I can face them with newly discovered strength that comes from our Heavenly Father.

Through this book not only will you become immersed in the story behind the wonderful author, Al Carraway, but you'll also come to develop a new love for the gospel and a better understanding of your amazing purpose and infinite worth.

Definitely worth the read. I even bought another copy just to lend to friends because I may or may not have stuck sticky notes all over my copy with quotes and thoughts that stuck out to me.

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