Sunday, January 17, 2016

16 SMART resolutions for 2016 // Guest post by Madi

Hey guys! So I'm so excited to have Madi guest post on my blog! I absolutely love her blog. It's so creative and cute, and she is such an amazing person! Go check out her blog to see my post, too!


Hello everyone!

My name is Madi and I blog over at Madison Custer. My blog is all about my life- school, church, mission prep, friends and family. I am so excited to be working with Eden on this post!

I thought since it was January it would be appropriate to write up some resolutions. I'm trying to be smart about my resolutions this year and plan things that are actually attainable. Feel free to take any ideas from this list! Here's 16 resolutions for 2016.

1. Drink More Water.
Last year I was probably always dehydrated. No more! I'm excited to see what being more hydrated does to my skin and hair.

2. Read the Book of Mormon Again.
I read it last year, I can do it again this year!

3. Pick up Piano.
I quit when I was in 8th grade, and boy oh boy do I regret it!

4. Become More Familiar with Preach My Gospel
My projected availability date for my mission is less than 365 days away (*eek!*) so I want to become more familiar with this awesome book!

5. Write More Letters.
Who doesn't LOVE getting a card or letter in the mail? Yeah, I don't know either.

6. Less Screen Time.
I definitely need to be less tied to my phone! I can come up with so many more productive things to be doing!

7. Do All My Homework!
I'm honestly so bad at this. I'm almost a second semester senior, but I guess better late than never.

8. Help my Little Sister on Personal Progress.
I loved doing Personal Progress so I can't wait to help her do it too!

9. Write More.
I go to an arts school where my focus is Creative Writing, so I do it for more than 3 hours a day anyway, but.... I have some ideas for later this year of things to write.

10. Blog More.
I love blogging. I love reading blogs. I need to do it more often.

11. Read More.
There are so many good books in the world and I'm afraid to pass any up! I want to get my hands on some really good ones this year.

12. Learn Lots of Little Recipes.
I'm going to college soon, so I need to learn this ASAP.

13. Be More Organized.
I just really really really want a clean desk and room. Is that too much to ask? (Apparently, it is.)

14. Expand my Music Taste.
I'm kind of boring when it comes to music, so I definitely want to listen to more. If you have any suggestions, drop by my blog and leave me a message!!

15. Learn to Study.
I don't really know how to do this effectively, but it's a skill I'm going to need for sure on my mission, so I want to learn as much about it as I can now!

16. Take More Pictures!
I love photography! I may or may not be buying myself a nice camera for a graduation gift, but I love documenting my life with pictures!

Well, thank you for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it. I had so much fun coming up with this, and I hope you'll stop by and check out my blog in the future!


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